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Best Wireless Mouse 2023 With Strong Connectivity: Tested

Best Wireless Mouse 2023

Are you searching for another wireless mouse? Then you are absolutely at the right place at this time. Presently, I am writing specific articles about the best upcoming technologies of 2023. This article specifically is on the best wireless mouse 2023. 

Wireless technology has become very popular all over the world at the present time. A wireless mouse has become a very demanding product in the world as it is easy to use & also portable to bear everywhere. After all, you need a mouse that is easy to use and faster if you use a lot of time using a computer. Moreover, there are different types of mice as their uses are different and I have researched a lot and shortlisted the top 7 best wireless mouse 2023.

Top 10 Best Wireless Mouse 2023

Here is a list of the best wireless mouse of 2023:

SLModelBest Feature
1Logitech MX Master 3Best Overall Mouse
2Razer Pro ClickBest for Productivity
3Logitech M720 TriathlonBest Runner Up
4Logitech Ergo M575 Best Ergonomic Trackball
5Logitech G305 LightspeedBest Budget Mouse
6Microsoft Arc MouseBest Portable Mouse
7Razer Viper UltimateBest Mouse for Gaming

1. Best Wireless Mouse 2023: Logitech MX Master 3

Best Wireless Mouse 2023

At the present time, for overall work, a cutter-edge mouse offers special offers and true customizability. Besides, this kind of mouse is good at productivity and works faster than others. So, let’s talk about MX Master 3, the latest mouse of the Logitech Master series. 

Firstly, this mouse is so impressive for its remarkable look. However, this mouse shines in its engineering site. MX Master 3 has cutting-edge features, and especially this feature attracts people’s attention. 

Basically, the MagSpeedTM uses electromagnets to switch between two different scrolling modes. One is a tactile ratchet mode, and another is a free spin. Especially, this method helps you to scroll or fly through a long PDF document within a single moment. You also get a USB-Type-C for quick charging. So, you don’t need to worry about battery issues anymore. Thus it is of the best wireless mouse 2023. Also, the built quality of this mouse is very well and has a very hefty weight. Lastly, People with small hands may suffer from using it as it is the best wireless mouse for big hands.

The MagSafe Wheel
USB-C Quick Charging
Strong Wireless Connectivity
High Price
Too Large for Small Hands

2. Best for Productivity: Razer Pro Click

Best Wireless Mouse 2023

Basically, Razer Pro Click took the 2nd for its 8 customizable buttons, and this is why it is on the list of the best wireless mouse 2023. Besides, this mouse has an unbeatable ergonomic design. The mouse looks like the MX Master 3 but has a little difference in buttons. Surprisingly, this mouse can go to 16,000 DPI and this is huge in its range. Anyone who wants good productivity can certainly buy this mouse.

After all, the design of the Razer Pro Click is immaculate and slick, and I loved the white looks, especially with the rubberized grip.

Comfortable for Long Use
DPI Goes up to 16,000
Surprising Battery Life
High Price

3. Logitech M720 Triathlon: of The Best Wireless Mouse 2023

Best Wireless Mouse 2023

However, Logitech M720 Triathlon took third place in the ranking of the best wireless mouse 2023. Basically, it’s an excellent mouse for office use for its standard look and extraordinary configuration. Besides, it is smaller than the MX 3, and there are even hidden buttons on its thumb to enable gesture commands. 

Surprisingly, it can be paired up with 3 devices at a time and switched between devices with a single tap of the side button. But it is not the best mouse for gamers as it does not have enough gaming features. As it is a small mouse, so it is a good match for people with small hands. Additionally, it has a comfortable grip crafted for the right hand, and with a rubber body, overall comfort is on the other level. Besides, it is a long-lasting mouse and easy to connect to any computer. Thus, it will be one of the best wireless mouse 2023.

Very Comfortable for Smaller Hands
Gesture Commands
Easily Get Dirty

4. Logitech Ergo M575: Best Ergonomic Trackball

Best Wireless Mouse 2023

Especially, this mouse is in the ranking list of the best wireless mouse 2023 because of its ergonomic trackball design. M575 is so outstanding, and as a result, it looks like a gaming mouse and also an alien tech. Your thumb can operate the trackball, however, there are a ton of benefits of this ball. There is no need to move your arm anymore because the trackball will do it for you. Besides, this mouse is more ergonomic than a regular mouse and can be operated on any surface and in small places. Moreover, it can be customized with Logitech software. Surprisingly, we can connect this mouse via Bluetooth or a USB dongle. 

More Ergonomic
Excellent Accuracy
Click Buttons Are Very Sensitive
Not Used to a Trackball Mouse

 5. Logitech G305 Lightspeed: Best Budget Mouse

Best Wireless Mouse 2023

G350 became one of the best wireless mouse 2023 because of its speed, stability, and connectivity. Besides, it is the cheapest among its competitors also. But, you are not getting the fancy RGB lightning in this mouse. The built quality is also average in its price range despite the low price. 

However, 6 buttons are given in the mouse for operating different tasks, and surprisingly, it can score up to 12,000 DPI. This mouse comes with a 99gm weight as it is not a large mouse, so it is more compatible with small hands. But there is no Bluetooth support in it, and this could be added because without the dongle you can’t connect more than one device and this is a weak point of the mouse.

Lightspeed Wireless Technology
250 Hours of Battery Life
Not rechargeable
No Bluetooth Support Only Dongle

6. Microsoft Arc Mouse: Best Portable Mouse

Best Wireless Mouse 2023

In my opinion, Arc Mouse is the best portable mouse because of its surface design. It’s totally flat, so you can easily keep it in your pocket if you want but after clicking it comes to its shape and this is just awesome.

The front panel of the mouse looks like a small touchpad and also you can scroll horizontally which is just amazing as every mouse doesn’t offer a side scroll. Surprisingly, the weight is only 82.5 g and might be the lightest mouse of time. Besides, this mouse comes with the Bluetooth feature also so you shouldn’t worry about any receiver dongle. The built quality with the ergonomic design, everyone is going to love it certainly.

Lightweight Design
Very Portable
Not Great for Gaming
Limited Software

7. Razer Viper Ultimate: Best Wireless Mouse 2023 for Gaming

Best Wireless Mouse 2023

It is the ultimate gaming mouse that offers impressive performance also with an eye-catching gaming look. In short, you can call it a gaming mouse. This mouse is 25% faster than any other technology and can score up to 20,000 DPI which is outstanding. Finally, this mouse has the customizable RGB feature, and this thing gives the full feel of gaming. Surprisingly, it is an ambidextrous mouse which means left-handed gamers will also have fun gaming. There might be some issues with the palm and claw grip, but the finger grip is too comfortable to describe, and considering the overall features we decided to keep it on the list of the best wireless mouse 2023. 

 With 8 buttons and a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the mouse is only 74 g, and comparatively the price near $119 is also negotiable.

Dongle Adapter
RGB Chroma Lighting
Too Small for Large Hands


In conclusion, nothing is perfect on all sides. One mouse can be the best for one or 2 applications, but after researching a lot we found these mice better than others and so we keep these on the list of the best wireless mouse 2023. If you want to do your research, you can also look at the mice we listed in this article. Lastly, for more news and suggestions about technology, follow our site and let us know your choice in the comment section.

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