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snapchat keep crashing

Snapchat is a very popular social media app for iPhone and Android users that lets you share photos and messages quickly. Undoubtedly, it is a fantastic app when it’s working well, but you may find Snapchat closes continuously when you’re using it. So, it’s a common question now why does Snapchat keep crashing?

Therefore, we are here with some fixes for you that might solve the Snapchat app crashing. So, follow the full article & let us know in the comment section if your problem is solved or not.

Why Does Snapchat Keep Crashing?

Firstly, let’s understand the cause of the issue before we figure out the reason why does Snapchat keep crashing?

The primary reason for this problem might be its new version. Unfortunately, the upgraded version is causing more issues than the previous version. So, we configured that there are several causes why your Snapchat app crashes continuously. This might happen a variety of factors, including your internet connection. However, the biggest reason is caching, which may cause Snapchat to crash, and this is unfortunate.

Another issue is the weight of your phone not physically but virtually. Your phone may include heavy applications with huge catch files that are forcing Snapchat to break down. But it could also be a factor if you haven’t rebooted yours for a long time. 

Why Does Snapchat Keep Crashing On iPhones Smartphones?

Snapchat Keep Crashing On iPhones

Nowadays, iPhone users are facing the problem of Snapchat keep crashing. Using this app, one can send messages and photographs, and these are only viewable for a short time after that the message vanishes automatically. Of this feature, this app became one of the most popular apps in the world. But unfortunately, after installing the new version of Snapchat, it keeps crashing more, showing messages “something went wrong, please try again” appearing before the app closed. The problem was instantly fixed with a Snapchat update. The major issue is with the update. Therefore, the app keeps on crashing.

The newest version of Snapchat might not be compatible with the older version of your iPhone’s older iOS version that’s why Snapchat keep crashing on iPhones. This forces the app to close or crash every time you want to open it. You should also check the news of Snapchat services on Google to realize the issue if it happens to server unavailability.

Why Does Snapchat Keep Crashing In Android Smartphones?

The same problem with iPhones is happening in android devices also. The latest version contains so many bugs that are causing the crashing of Snapchat.

But there is another version of Snapchat released recently for android devices. So, if Snapchat keep crashing continuously on your android devices, then install the newest version.  This may solve the problem completely. 

Why Does Snapchat keep Crashing: Follow These Steps to Fix 

Do you know why does Snapchat keep crashing? It’s crashing because of its software bug. Don’t worry! You can easily solve the problem by following the steps in my article:

Close The App

First of all, try to close the app if it is already updated and this might resolve the problem.

  • Click on the recent panel button on your screen.
  • It should be a square button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then you have to find Snapchat App by scrolling through the recent apps.
  • Then swipe up or across to close the application.
  • After closing the app, you can reinstall the application to the updated version if it is not upgraded.

Clear Cache

The cache memory of your phone may become high, and this is also a reason Snapchat keep crashing. So, you need to clear the cache memory to get rid of this problem. Therefore, follow the following steps to clear the cache data of your Snapchat app:

  • Find Settings and open it on your phone.
  • Then search for apps and scroll down to find the Snapchat app
  • Then click on storage and click on the clear cache option.
  • Then uninstall the app and reinstall it.
  • Then restart your phone.

Check your Internet Connection

Check your Internet Connection

A poor internet connection can also be a reason for showing an error message “Snapchat keep crashing”. This is an easy task to solve and you may fix it whenever you want. But if your network connection is strong, you can skip this step and try another one.

Restart Your Phone

If you are facing a problem with your phone, shut it down for some time. Then simply restart it again to observe if Snapchat keep crashing again or not. If you notice any progress then your problem is solved. But if you still face the problem then it is definitely the problem of the software bugs.

Delete Any Third-Party app or Unofficial Snapchat Applications

Delete Any Third-Party app

Why does Snapchat keep crashing continuously on my device? You might install any kind of third-party software on your device that is causing this kind of crashing. Because the Snapchat app crashes continuously on devices that are using third-party software like Snapchat++, SCOthman, Phantom, Sneakaboo, Snaptools, Emulator, etc. So, if you are also using these applications then uninstall them and check whether the crashing is still causing it or not.

The official application does not allow this kind of third-party app. So, remove this software and start using the official version to get rid of this problem.

How To Uninstall Third-Party Apps

  • Press and hold the app icon for a moment until a menu shows up.
  • Then select remove the app.
  • Your phone can show the Delete app also.
  • Then click and uninstall the third-party app.

Change Your Snapchat Login Information

This issue is also related to your profile security. So, you can try Snapchat reset password option and change your Snapchat username and password immediately if you guess someone has accessed your account.

Any security issue can cause trouble in using a Snapchat account. So, you can uninstall Snapchat, reinstall it with the new login id and restore your phone to its original settings if needed.

Contact The Customer Support Team

Why does Snapchat keep crashing even if you try out every possible solution? Contacting the Snapchat support team is preferable to spending your time on unnecessary options if the solutions do not resolve your issue. However, once you knock on the support team, their expert will contact you via email or message and help you resolve the issue as soon as possible.


We expect that you got the solution to why Snapchat keep crashing and how to resolve the problem. This article highlights all the probable reasons and solutions for this problem. Hence, if you face this problem again, inform us, and we will try our best to provide you with the best solution

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