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How to Create an Instagram Ad Campaign: The Effective way

How To Create an Instagram Ad

In recent times, Instagram has been the most popular social media platform, with over 2 billion monthly active users. Instagram is usually combined with selfies, influencers, videos, and pictures of daily life. At present, almost all business holders around the world are now using this platform to advertise their companies and products. And they are getting a better outcome. This article will show you how to create an Instagram ad campaign. Here We Will let you know everything you need to know about the Instagram ads campaign so that you can get a better idea to promote yourself and your services. 

If you have a sufficient amount for social media ads, you must run an Instagram ads campaign. Becauseā€¦. Instagram ads reach almost 96.6% of active users each month. And this group is growing larger day to day. As Facebook owns Instagram, you can handle ad manager accounts for your two social media platforms.

What are Instagram ads campaigns?

Instagram ads are business posts in users’ profiles, feeds, and stories. Instagram paid advertising often shows content from other Instagram accounts in an organic way. Contents can be images, informative videos, collections of products and services, etc. 

These paid ads always show a Sponsored level to introduce as an ads campaign, but it will look the same as normal posts. And you will get the feature to add a call to action button, like shop now, learn more, Product tags and direct links, etc. depending on the campaign’s Goal.

The average cost of an ad is $0.75 CPM; that is to say, you have to pay when someone clicks on your ad. 

The CPC rate is $0.05, lower than other social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Instagram ad manager:- 

Before creating an Instagram ad campaign, you should learn about Ads manager. Instagram ads manager is the tool from where you can create, manage, publish, and track the performance of your ads campaigns. If you already have a Facebook ad account, managing Instagram ads will be very helpful and easy for you.

As discussed earlier, Instagram is owned by Facebook and connected, so you must log into Facebook Ads Manager to create ads. 

If you have already created an Instagram account and want to start advertising with it, you must ensure it is connected to your FB page and business manager.

And if you have no account on Instagram, you can still do the work on Instagram using your Facebook page.

What are the types of Instagram ads?

Instagram always helps businesses offer various ads for their products and services. 

  1. Photo ads:- These ads come with single images with a caption that appears on Instagram feed on others’ accounts. Photo ads can be used to showcase products and services and to increase brand awareness. 
  2. Video ads:- Video ads are almost similar to image ads. Most people sometimes love to watch short videos, so video ads are their best option. You can upload 60-second videos, including video sound.
  3. Story ads:- Well, you can create stories for your ads. But you have to grab some informative images or videos and put them in the right place. By the way, the limit of the story video is only 15 sec, so it must be very attractive to other users.
  4. Carousel ads:- Instagram also allows businesses holder to showcase multiple images or videos in a single post, this is called carousel posts. People can swipe the images or videos and learn about your brand.
  5. Shopping ads:- These ads help businesses to showcase their products and services and drive sales. And Businesses have to create products catalog on their Facebook -page and sync them with their Instagram account. Thus, Users can purchase directly by clicking on the ads. 
  6. Explore ads:- These ads appear in the Explore section on Instagram. From where users explore new content, content can be images, videos, etc. This way is great to increase the audience.

Comparatively, there are reels ad and collection ads, similar to other ads. All these ads were generated to make the shopping experience Indefectible for users and to drive sales for businesses.

Step-by-step guide for: How To Create an Instagram Ad

We have told you about many types of ads. After that, you must decide which ads type you need to follow; let’s go for ads setup. You can run Instagram ads in 2 methods; Both methods are workable. 

  1. Boost an existing post.
  2. Create a new post in the Facebook ads manager. 

Boosting an existing post will take a few clicks. But if you want to do it from Facebook ads manager, you will get a huge number of options that you can use. 

Let’s start with boosting an existing post:-

This is the easiest way to start advertising one of your existing posts. The process is almost similar to Facebook boost posts.

Connecting your Instagram to your Facebook ads manager lets you see the Boost post Button under your single post. You can try on one of your posts, which is performing well. 

  1. Firstly, click on the Boost post button. Choose your Goal. 

You will get three options 

a. Profile visit, 

b. website visit, and 

c. messages. 

  1. Next is to define your audience. Instagram will automatically define your audience based on your follower. Or you can finalize your target audience.
  2. Add your daily budget and the duration you want the ads to run. After that, you can pause the ads anytime in the future.

To sum up, you have to review the ad to check if all fine or not. If all settings are fine, click the Boost post to go live. After that, Facebook will review and will approve if everything is fine. Once ads turn on, you can see the result in your promotion tab in your ad manager dashboard.

How to create an Instagram ad using ads manager:-

Let’s explore how to use Meta ads manager. It is a straightforward process.  

  1. Now go to your Ads Manager. This link will lead you there:- facebook.com/adsmanager
  2. Click the create (green button) in the upper right corner to create a new campaign. 
  3. Then, you will get 6 campaign objectives. Now, you have to select 1 option among them. And click on the continue button. 
  4. Now, give your campaign a Name based on your ads. 
  5. Select a category. 
  6. Generally, you have to add the campaign budget and schedule to this place. This is the place from where you have to make sure to the ads manager how much you can pay and which time duration you need to run your ads. You will get daily and lifetime budgets, and you can choose anyone among them as you need. 
  7. You will get conversation options here, like a website, messenger, WhatsApp, and more.  
  8. After that, you have to set your audience. You will get many targeted options here, including gender, interest location, age, etc. In this place, you will get the option to run your ads in a dynamic creative way. Facebook will automatically add assets that are optimized for your audience. You can preview the ad here.
  9. Now, you can choose the format of your ad in the next phase. And, The format can be videos, photos, carousels, or story ads.
  10. After that, you must choose Instagram as the placement.
  11. The next step is to publish your ads. Here you must add a payment method using your debit or credit card. And click on the submit button to launch your ads.

Once you launch your ad, you can check the performance result of your campaign in your ad manager dashboard.


Instagram is a powerful platform for reaching the target audience through advertising. Finally, with this full article, you can make an effective ad campaign to help you achieve your Goal. And you will learn how to create an Instagram ad. And with these correct strategies and ways, you can promote your business and drive users to sales.

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